Life and Health Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Insurance programs are tailored to needs of employers and employees and they grant financial support in case of accidental events by much lower premiums than in case of individual insurance.

Their wide scope and (often) multi-variant construction enable optimal satisfaction of insurance needs in life, health and professional aspects.

Our programs consists also of benefits for employees’ family members which ensures the sense of stability and security.

In case of numerous professional groups, employees can also purchase additional insurance: house, motor, travel, accident or third-party liability upon special conditions.

Group Health Insurance

Health programs with varied scopes ensure state-of-the-art, complex medical care which includes charge-free and unlimited medical consultations (without referral) as well as unlimited diagnostic examinations countrywide.

The medical treatment services are rendered in specialised outpatient clinics in a very short response time (one to several days). Consultations and examinations realised besides the network granted by the given insurer are also covered.

IRCA’s programs ensure also realisation of medical services also in clinics indicated by the employer and employees.

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